Is it free?
Good Recipe App is absolutely free. Before version 2.1 it showed AdMob banners on some screens, but starting from 2.1 it is ad-free.
Only six recipes? Are you kidding me?!
Good Recipe App is not another "ultimate recipe collection". These six recipes are just samples to show off how your recipes will look in you personal cookbook. You can delete or keep them if you think they are good.
Are you going to improve this app? How about new features?
Sure. I have a lot of plans about improving Good Recipes App. But I want to keep it simple, so it won't transform into social network about cooking or anything like that. If you need some particular feature don't hesitate to contact me via email/twitter/facebook/google+.

How to

I didn't specify a yield for my recipe. Is it still possible to scale it?
Yes. Just enter scaling factor in the "yield" dialog. For example, "2" will double all ingredients amounts.